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Hello!!! Welcome to the Bara no Konrei page!! Because I didn't want it to clog up the main page~

Have you heard of "Bara no Konrei"?
It is the second Malice Mizer silent film....Unlike "Bel Air", starring Gackt as the main character, this one had Klaha in it!!! ^__^ I love Klaha...
It is a retelling of Dracula by Bram Stoker... Bram Stoker is Yu~ki's favourite author. Isn't that soo cool? I love Yu~ki. He is sooo attractive in that film!!! Everyone is really.... (pic is related)
You can watch "Bara no Konrei" here!!!
If you watched "Bara no Konrei" please message the webmaster at hide#0041. They would love to put your reviews and thoughts on the site....:)


"Bara no Konrei" was the best silent film I have ever seen...even though I have only seen a few...
Klaha-kun was so pretty!! And Mana-chan!! And Yu~ki-kun!! Közi-kun! EVERYONE!!! Everyone did such a good job at acting too...
I'm not usually a fan of vampire stuff but whether you like vampire stories or not you NEED to watch this!!!! x3
The story is cool (of course it is!!! IT'S DRACULA DAMMIT!!!)
I give it a 9/10~


I loved "Bara No Konrei!", I love the music, story and costumes so much!

I love vampires and I thought it was a really fun and cool Dracula retelling! Közi and Mana are absolutely amazing in this movie, and I just LOVE the way Klaha and Yu~ki bounce off each other :3c!!
I'm so happy Yu~ki got to be a vampire :D he does such a good job

I loved the part where Yu~ki snapped the old guys neck... Twice... this is just like Morbius 10/10